Helicopter Logistics Secures Rotary Wing Contract with DBCA

Helicopter Logistics is pleased to announce that we have secured a rotary wing contract with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The contract is for land management fire operations, and includes bushfire support services plus aerial ignition work. The purpose of the contract is to effectively manage fuel loads in state forests to avoid the incidence and severity of bushfires.

Helicopter Logistics has extensive experience with this very specialised area of work. The company originally commenced the contract in 2013. The contract was renewed with Helicopter Logistics in January of 2021 for an additional 5 years with options up to an additional 5 years.

The land area covered by this contract is very significant and includes the vast majority of Western Australia south of the Pilbara.

To support the contract Helicopter Logistics has expanded our aircraft fleet through the purchases of two additional Airbus Squirrel Helicopters, plus added to our aircraft engineering maintenance team and flight crew.

The contract is supported from our head office at Jandakot Airport and our Bunbury base.

As a part of the contract we work very closely with the DBCA to develop and deliver the aviation component of the annual recurrency training for air attack supervisors and ignition crew.

This work is in addition to our recent win of new fixed wing work with DBCA further demonstrating our commitment to innovation and safety in land management operations.