Helicopter Logistics has an outstanding safety record. Our objective is foster a safety culture in which employees and customers are comfortable and encouraged to bring safety concerns to the attention of management.

Safe flight operations are our most important commitment. To ensure this commitment, it is imperative that we have uninhibited reporting of all incidents and occurrences that compromise the safety of our operations.

We ask that each employee accept the responsibility to communicate any information that may affect the integrity of flight safety. Employees must be assured that this communication will never result in reprisal, thus allowing a timely, uninhibited flow of information to occur.

All employees are advised that management will not initiate disciplinary action against an employee who discloses an incident or occurrence involving flight safety. This policy cannot apply to criminal, international or regulatory infractions.

Safety reports are to be used by all employees for reporting information concerning flight safety. They are designed to protect the identity of the employee who provides information.

Provision of Rotary Wing Aircraft for Aerial Ignition, Fire Suppression and Associated activities

We urge all employees to use this program to help our company to continue its leadership in providing our customers and employees with the highest level of flight safety.

Helicopter Logistics utilises a computer based Safety Management System (SMS), Air Maestro. With the simple click of a button any employee or client can activate the SMS program.

Once logged in, the user is guided through the necessary steps to report an incident or accident. The system then alerts the relevant managers that a report has been lodged and they then take the appropriate action.

Membership of Safety Associations

Helicopter Logistics are members of the Helicopter Association International and the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association.