Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)

Operating at night with low visibility is difficult in the best of situations. It is most critical when lives and security are hanging in the balance.

Applications of Night Goggles and NVIS

Aerial Application/fire fighting

Aerial Application at night provides a better dollar value return on the larger hardware purchases like aircraft, by having the capacity to deliver application of products by day and by night thus doubling the potential flying time of your aircraft.

Fighting fires at night when temperatures are cooler provides a means to more rapidly address and control fires, particularly in remote areas.

Law enforcement

ASU has demonstrated experience in participating in missions to pursue suspects, perform surveillance and photographic missions, counter drug operations, aerial command and control for critical incident management, special operations missions, emergency response missions, show of presence in known drug and gang areas, critical infrastructure patrols, night time lighting of accident scenes and traffic control.


ASU is a global provider for military applications.

Emergency medical service (EMS)

Police Departments, Ambulance Services, Health Departments & Rescue Organisations are 24/7 operations.
Night Vision Goggles significantly increase the safety and capacity of operating helicopters at night with greater situational awareness. ASU NVIS are currently being operated in Australia on EMS and SAR operations.

Search and rescue

Night vision goggles significantly improve the capability of helicopter pilots to traverse difficult areas, particularly where lower flying is required to find lost or injured people. A simple car interior light flashing in a benign environment could mean all the difference in survivability.

Helicopter Logistics is the Australian authorised agent and distributor for ASU Night Vision Intensifying System (NVIS) goggles, and associated equipment including:

  • Sales
  • Installation, including aircraft cockpit lighting modification
  • Training
  • Servicing

Helicopter Logistics are able to provide any of the products from ASU.