Covid19 Isolation Chamber

HELICOPTER LOGISTICS Business Development Manager, Lindsay Hawke, whose experience in the field of Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear, realised that the State of Western Australia may have a need for a medical aerial retrieval service dedicated to COVID-19. This led to the importation of Australia’s first IsoChamber for transporting highly infectious patients safely with diseases such as COVID-19.
The Isolation Chamber is an ideal temporary solution to rapidly isolate and transport a person or an item that is thought to be contaminated by infectious particles or diseases before moving them to an isolated area for safe treatment.
The isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative-pressure filtration system to provide maximum protection and operational safety for both the contaminated person or item and the operational team.
For more information including pricing, availability and a full specification, please contact Business Development Manager, Lindsay Hawke


Covid19 Detection Dogs

This capability to forward project possible requirements within the CBRN environment has developed into a collaboration with a leading Perth Hospital and Veterinary Faculty to utilise the unique abilities of dogs to smell disease, a feature which could be deployed in CBRN operations. One example would be to detect COVID-19 in public places such as airports or detecting malaria in deployed personnel.

 A Skilled and Research Based Team

A collaboration between Helicopter Logistics, Murdoch university and Fiona Stanley Hospital is beginning to pay dividends in the fight against Covid19.
Lindsay Hawke – Business Development Manager
Associate Professor – Mark Watson
Dr Anthony Gadenne – Medical Advisor
Dave Quinn – Project Manager
Brent Thompson – K9 Specialist