Helicopter Logistics Gives Breaksea Island Lighthouse A Lift

Breaksea Island is located 12km off the coast of Albany. It is one of the oldest lighthouse locations in Australia, with the original lighthouse built in 1858. The current lighthouse was built in 1901 and is undergoing a complete renovation. 

The Breaksea Island Lighthouse has historical significance, as it was one of the very last symbols of home for the 30,000 troops who sailed from Albany’s shore to fight in World War I. Many relayed messages through the lighthouse keeper’s daughter using semaphore signals and Morse code.

Helicopter Precision Lifting – over 60 Tonnes of Materials

Helicopter Logistics were engaged by Australian Maritime Systems to fly over 60 tonnes of equipment to the island by helicopter to support the restoration project , and will return the materials including scaffolding once the project is complete.

“The island is very difficult to access by boat as it is entirely surrounded by cliffs. Helicopter transport of materials is ideal in this scenario as it is very quick, cost effective and safer than using a vessel. Due to the difficult terrain on the island laydown areas for the equipment were scarce, but we were able to position all of the scaffolding and plant equipment at the base of the lighthouse which was essential for this project” said Matt Corbett, Chief Pilot for Helicopter Logistics.

Helicopter Logistics provides precision lifting services into locations where access otherwise is difficult, and has provided this service for many remote locations including islands off the coast of Western Australia. 

Other Applications of Precision Lifting

Helicopter Logistics has extensive experience in precision lifting of loads into areas where using a crane is impractical.
Some examples of where we have undertaken this work include:
– One Buildings / Shopping Centres
– Two Remote communication sites
– Three Offshore / Island Infrastructure

Safety With Helicopter Sling Loads

Sling load operations demand a high level of experience and expertise from the pilot conducting the operation, together with careful coordination from the Helicopter Logistics ground support team. 

Helicopter Logistics completes a comprehensive risk analysis of every lifting job that the company is contracted to undertake. These can sometimes be completed in advance but often require a site visit to conduct a thorough assessment of the intended task. 

Utilisation of the company’s hazard register during the assessment provides a comprehensive database of potential hazards that may be encountered on each specific project and includes the relevant mitigation procedure. 

A thorough briefing of ground crews is conducted on site before operations begin to discuss the operational aspects of the task including emergency procedures and a final inspection of all lifting equipment is conducted.