Helicopter Logistics brings innovation to secure new work with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Helicopter Logistics is pleased to announce that they have secured a new contract with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The contract is for 5 years and provides support to DBCA for land management operations throughout Western Australia. Up to two fixed wing aircraft and crews will be provided by Helicopter Logistics for the duration of the contract.

Matt Corbett stated “Winning this contract has enabled Helicopter Logistics to add on 4 extra staff to look after that contract. It is a substantial increase to our Jandakot based team.”

“We have made a large investment in design and manufacture of bespoke role specific equipment that supports DBCA operational requirements with a new approach in ergonomics for the flight crew.” said Matt.

All the role equipment has been designed by Helicopter Logistics. The solution involves a sophisticated GPS system to support the land management contract.

Matt is emphatic about safety. He says, “Safety is such a critical part of everything we do. In implementing this solution, we took the required steps to certify the equipment on our fixed wing aircraft to meet the globally recognised FAA FAR23 airworthiness safety standards”.

“I am very proud of our team. In the middle of Covid, we were able to locate and purchase aircraft, design, manufacture, certify and commission a sophisticated bespoke piece of equipment, integrate it into the aircraft, train crews whilst meeting the strict specifications of the service delivery with an outstanding solution in a very compressed timeframe. We relish these types of technical challenges – it is a part of what makes Helicopter Logistics unique.” said Matt.