Aircraft Maintenance

Helicopter Logistics aircraft maintenance is provided by Helicopter Logistics Engineering (Helicopter Logistics Engineering) which holds a CASA Certificate of Approval (CASA.COA.0463).

The Manufacturers Schedule of Maintenance is used to maintain the Helicopter Logistics fleet along with all applicable CASA Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. All maintenance carried out on the fleet is certified and filed in the appropriate Aircraft Logbook under CASA Schedule 6.

Helicopter Logistics Engineering utilises Aerotrack, a computerised maintenance schedule tracking program. Aerotrack is an Australian secure internet cloud based system which was designed in consultation with leading aviation businesses to help manage a large scope of aircraft operations and maintenance tracking worldwide.

Helicopter Logistics Engineering utilises Aerotrack “Maintenance Control” as a primary method of tracking and forecasting maintenance activates on its fleet. All maintenance documents and schedules used to maintain the Helicopter Logistics fleet can be found online and up-to date through an exclusive subscription service provided by the various manufacturers and CASA.

Helicopter Logistics Engineering is responsible for all aircraft maintenance document control and its activities that are in accordance with all current CASA regulations.

Helicopter Logistics Engineering has developed an “in house” refined procedure for detailed record keeping. This record keeping and maintenance control was recently assessed by CASA as being of an extremely high standard. The Aircraft records and log-books are kept in safe and sure locations under the control of the Chief Engineer.

Our services include:

  • rotary aircraft engineering
  • fixed wing aircraft engineering

Whatever the requirement, Helicopter Logistics Engineering has the experience to supply a solution to your requirements.